Shave and a Haircut

Two bits:  now’s the time to trim back your ornamental grasses if you haven’t already done so.  Get out your pruners – and gloves; trust me on this one – and tackle that monster before it starts into active growth for the spring.  This is what it should look like when you’re done:

And what do you do with the otherwise disposable top material?  How about using it to create a renewable privacy fence!  Here’s what I did using my Miscanthus prunings and the plain wire fence of my dog yard (and a lot of years’ experience with fiber arts).  First, a photo of the two parts of the fence, with and without the grass: (and bonus dog!).

Next, a shot of the interwoven grass up close: (with second bonus dog!).  It really does make a great privacy screen.  The ends of the grass are just pushed down until they hit dirt.

Third, a shot of the finished section of fence:  I could easily have trimmed the top of the grass even with the topmost part of the wire, but I’ve left this natural for the moment – it looks fine, and even as thin as that upper portion of grass is, it would still be sharp where it’s cut, so take that caution into consideration.

If my dogs decide to wreak havoc on the grass portion of the fence, so be it.  I can always renew it next year.  >:-)

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