Spring things

Even before the calendar rolled around to March, the plants and animals around us knew it was spring.  Downtown, in Capitol Square, the camellias are blooming.    

In the low-lying areas of the piece of property out behind mine, vernal wetlands have been ringing with the mating calls of frogs – even in the midst of the February snow, the frogs were singing their hearts out.

The winter daphne (Daphne odora) planted by the former owner of this house had to be rescued from that February snow, which bowed some of the branches, but it’s sprung back and is in gloriously full bloom.   This one begs to be taken indoors for everyone to savor.   

In a few weeks, Daylight Savings will come along and force us to lift our eyes from the daily changes in the garden; DST wants you to believe that mankind is the most powerful force in the world and what we say matters even more than what the frogs and the camellias already know.  Most of us don’t get to ignore the demands of the human world.  While you’re trying to convince yourself that you really do have an extra hour of daylight in which to do All the Things, don’t forget to look down and see, hear, and smell the real world.


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