Come on up! (photo by Lisa Heindel)

An article on design on the website Good Is ( discusses the history of the front porch – the stoop – and why it is such an important part of a neighborhood.  Where else can you sit and chat with passersby in a space of your own making, surrounded by your own plants and furnishings?  In an age where people are beginning to reinvent and reinvigorate their neighborhoods through actual contact with their neighbors, the front porch takes on a much larger role; no longer is it simply a place to hide from the weather while unlocking your door.

While you’re lining up design projects for this new season, consider refitting your front porch.  Give yourself some place to sit.  Draw the attention of the neighbors through graceful, attractive plantings, perhaps with a pleasant scent to encourage walkers to slow down and share their appreciation with you.

This is curb appeal, yes, but for the neighborhood, not the real estate agent.  The object is to get people to slow down, smell the flowers, and connect.

Need help making your front porch and landscaping more welcoming?  I happen to know some landscape designers who’d be pleased to turn your ideas into reality.  >:-)

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