Liminal spaces are where the excitement is.

Liminal spaces are where the excitement is.

How many edges do you see?

You know this instinctively. How many times have you looked at something where its edges blend into, or are covered by, something else, and wondered what would happen there next? It’s why, in landscape design, we overlap trees and shrubs to partially hide what’s beyond them; the mystery draws the garden’s visitors in. In fiction, it’s the reason so many stories have elements of two or more genres. There’s tremendous strength in the place where different portions of the Venn diagram overlap.

In the Mid-Atlantic region right now, we’re dealing with an El Niño winter. Last weekend, it brought huge amounts of (thankfully) dry snow – I had something in excess of 14 inches at my house. This week and especially this weekend, we’re seeing temperatures ten to twenty degrees over the seasonal norm. There’s certainly tremendous uncertainty in this weather, if not a lot of pleasure.

What it reminds us of, however, is that even in the weird, up and down weather we’re having right now, there is beauty to be seen. I’m not the only one to observe that blizzards are the only natural disaster that leaves the landscape more beautiful in its wake. Clean white snow is so peaceful. Icicles with the sun shining through them draw smiles. Plant life stubbornly shrugging off winter’s mantle reminds us that spring is just around the corner.

Take a deep breath, and really see your world.  You’ll be the better for it.

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