*Now* it can snow

BCS 605 with snow thrower (Richard Dailey photo)

BCS 605 with snow thrower (Richard Dailey photo)

This lovely thing came in last week – just in time to be tested out on the remnants of our 14+ inch snowstorm.  Shout out to Richard Dailey and Dailey’s Walk Behind Tractors for getting this machine in proper working order!  I’m looking forward to tilling up the garden this year.

No, it’s not a tiller, it’s not a DR, and it’s not a toy.  It’s an Italian-made BCS walk-behind tractor.  With a 12.5 hp engine and steel innards, it can run most of the same sorts of implements the larger four-wheel machines can (like the snow thrower it’s pictured with above and the tiller I also bought).  The BCS has the enormous advantage of being able to maneuver in much tighter spaces and the equally large advantage of costing far, far less than one of the big tractors.  For our acreage, this tractor is perfect.

Want to see it in action?  Check out this link to a short video clip taken as we tested out our new two-wheeled tractor:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2sovhcg8i18oum/Video%20Jan%2026%2C%203%2013%2019%20PM.mov?dl=0



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