Growing season ahoy!

Red Russian kale

Red Russian kale

Whew!  Now, that was a day.  I’ve been to a client’s house to measure out the front yard for a base map – thank you, T., for your help.  Bought and ate bagels.  Drafted up that base map and did some preliminary work on the new circular driveway loop.

Out in the greenhouse, we got the new strawberries watered and set up ten flats of greens:  Tyee spinach and Lacinato (both standard and variegated) and Red Russian kale.  Screwed down some of the support frame that came unmoored in last week’s tornado-y winds.    Cleaned the chickens’ waterer out and refilled it and their feeder.  Dug up a mess of weeds from the onion and garlic bed and fed them to the chickens (who know to watch from that corner of their run when I go into the garden).

Back at the house, we refilled the kindling boxes for the woodstove and refilled the water jugs that live in the greenhouse, and finally I mixed up the latest batch of dog bikkies.

I think that’s enough for one day.  Don’t you?  🙂

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