A word of warning

Found my first tick today.  We did a series in the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers’ newsletter a couple of years ago, exploring tick diseases and treatment and the potentially catastrophic consequences if you become infected and it isn’t treated.  It wasn’t just a vague warning, either; VSLD has members and former members who suffer every day as a result of tickborne illnesses.

Don’t be the next bad case of Lyme disease in your town – if you’ve been outside, especially walking in brush or tall grass, check and double-check wherever on your body the ticks might hide.  If instinct tells you there’s something creepy-crawling on your skin, check it out.  Check your family members, too.

(DEET and products containing it are NOT SAFE; don’t poison yourself because you’re too lazy to do a good tick check.  If you have to use a repellant, make sure you check the contents, and their toxicity, before you apply it to any member of your family.  And yes, that includes pets.)

This is for real.  Please take it seriously.

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