Garden year opens, 2017

Purple Rapa mustard greens

Even more than the first harvest, the planting of the first seeds of the year brings me great satisfaction. Seeds are such magical things – not only are they so tiny a beginning for plants that will eventually fill the shelves in my pantry, but I can plant specific seeds and get just the variety I wanted.

Today, I sowed seed for the first of the plants that will go into the big garden. Six varieties of peppers went into pots on the germination table: sweet peppers Ashe County Pimento, Super Shepherd, Sweet Banana, and Corno di Toro and hot peppers JalapeƱo and Poblano. I also sowed two pots (Baptisia and Daucus carota ‘Dara’) for winter sowing, though I am very late getting these started. I guess I’m hoping we get a little more cold weather!

There are already crops growing in the greenhouse, winter greens intended for salad and chosen for their cold hardiness. We’ve got a good crop of both Purple Rapa mustard green mix (the photo at the top of this post) and Tokyo Bekana (below), a frilly, tender, sweet Asian green I am liking very much. The collards are growing more slowly, and my summer favorite Senposai has turned out not to like below-freezing nights. I have carrots and beets just beginning to reach above the soil, too.

‘Tokyo Bekana’ Asian greens

In another week, we’ll be starting many more varieties: tomatoes, sunflowers, herbs. I’m planning to test a method of germinating sweet corn that I hope will give me better stands.

No matter what else I do today, it’s a good day.

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2 Responses to Garden year opens, 2017

  1. Gloria Hannemann says:

    Sorry about the senposai but ya can’t have it all. Long as it does well over summer.

    • Clarentine says:

      Very true! I have a lot more options in the winter than I have in summer; I won’t mind reserving Senposai for warmer temperatures.

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