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Growing season ahoy!

Whew!  Now, that was a day.  I’ve been to a client’s house to measure out the front yard for a base map – thank you, T., for your help.  Bought and ate bagels.  Drafted up that base map and did … Continue reading

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Snow day!

We are having the best winter this year – not only is it snowing, but it’s snowing on a day that was a holiday anyway, so I don’t have to stress over whether I can get to work.  The woodstove … Continue reading

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*Now* it can snow

This lovely thing came in last week – just in time to be tested out on the remnants of our 14+ inch snowstorm.  Shout out to Richard Dailey and Dailey’s Walk Behind Tractors for getting this machine in proper working … Continue reading

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Liminal spaces are where the excitement is. You know this instinctively. How many times have you looked at something where its edges blend into, or are covered by, something else, and wondered what would happen there next? It’s why, in … Continue reading

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The Best Season

Let me tell you why I think autumn is the best season. No, let me show you. This glorious tree is the Black Gum, Nyssa sylvatica.  It’s native to the Eastern seaboard, it’s architecturally interesting, and in the autumn it … Continue reading

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Making Beauty Sustainable

This past October’s biennial reappearance of the Gillette Forum focused on a topic which many design professionals are wrestling with.  Given the current interest in native plants and the environment, how do we as landscape designers fit those native plants … Continue reading

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Take a deep breath…

You can feel the seasons changing.  It’s there in the shortening days – we’re nearly to the autumnal equinox, when day and night are in balance, and we’ve lost a full hour’s worth of daylight in the evenings since Midsummer.  … Continue reading

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Pollinator 411, or, the Good, the Less Good, and the Gorgeous

Everywhere you turn, there’s another blog, another Facebook post, another news article about climate change.  Even the climate change deniers have switched to complaining that we don’t know why it’s changing.  From the perspective of a landscape designer, this is … Continue reading

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A little self-promotion

This year, I was re-elected as Secretary for the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers (, of which I am a certified member.  It’s a great organization whose sole purpose is to assure you, the client, that the VSLD-certified designer you … Continue reading

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To Mass or Intermingle?

The Value of Plant Community-Based Design  In his latest blog post, landscape architect Thomas Rainer advocates for a more plant-community-based landscape aesthetic, one which emphasizes neither the masses of single species which have been so omnipresent in the American landscape … Continue reading

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