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Public Service Announcement

A word of warning

Found my first tick today.  We did a series in the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers’ newsletter a couple of years ago, exploring tick diseases and treatment and the potentially catastrophic consequences if you become infected and it isn’t treated. … Continue reading

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Take a deep breath…

You can feel the seasons changing.  It’s there in the shortening days – we’re nearly to the autumnal equinox, when day and night are in balance, and we’ve lost a full hour’s worth of daylight in the evenings since Midsummer.  … Continue reading

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Pollinator 411, or, the Good, the Less Good, and the Gorgeous

Everywhere you turn, there’s another blog, another Facebook post, another news article about climate change.  Even the climate change deniers have switched to complaining that we don’t know why it’s changing.  From the perspective of a landscape designer, this is … Continue reading

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The Bees and Us

You’ve no doubt heard the hullabaloo about bee die-offs and the threat to pollinators that pesticides containing neonicotinoids pose to the health of bee colonies around the world.  You probably noticed that many countries in Europe have banned, either temporarily … Continue reading

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Hello to Tomorrow!

Perhaps it’s all the half-serious fuss being made over the supposed Mayan “end of the world” this coming Friday, Dec. 21.  More likely, it’s a response to the much more factual arrival of Midwinter and the shortest day of the … Continue reading

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Do you see what I see?

Hello, and welcome to my blog! As you can tell from the title, this blog will be a blend of the major areas of interest in my life.  I’m a landscape designer.  I’m also a writer of fiction.  Sometimes what … Continue reading

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