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Garden year opens, 2017

Even more than the first harvest, the planting of the first seeds of the year brings me great satisfaction. Seeds are such magical things – not only are they so tiny a beginning for plants that will eventually fill the … Continue reading

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A word of warning

Found my first tick today.  We did a series in the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers’ newsletter a couple of years ago, exploring tick diseases and treatment and the potentially catastrophic consequences if you become infected and it isn’t treated. … Continue reading

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Snow day!

We are having the best winter this year – not only is it snowing, but it’s snowing on a day that was a holiday anyway, so I don’t have to stress over whether I can get to work.  The woodstove … Continue reading

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Liminal spaces are where the excitement is. You know this instinctively. How many times have you looked at something where its edges blend into, or are covered by, something else, and wondered what would happen there next? It’s why, in … Continue reading

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The Best Season

Let me tell you why I think autumn is the best season. No, let me show you. This glorious tree is the Black Gum, Nyssa sylvatica.  It’s native to the Eastern seaboard, it’s architecturally interesting, and in the autumn it … Continue reading

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