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Last week was eggs. This week is flowers.

While the warm season grasses rise above last year’s stubble and the trees are beginning to leaf out in earnest, all of the ground layer of plants are grabbing sunshine while they can. The meadow is sporting blue eyed grass … Continue reading

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I have this circular, seasonal calendar on the wall in my living room, and recently I moved it to the quadrant depicting a nest with eggs.  This time of year, everything is busy procreating – my chickens are popping out … Continue reading

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Cool season

The other morning, it was 24F in my corner of the world, the second or third frosty morning in a row. The little garden behind my house – the one visible from the kitchen window, and called the winter garden … Continue reading

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Just a Step to the [South]

Hang onto your hats, Central Virginia folks! The weather’s weird this year, weirder than it’s been in a while. Thanks to accelerating climate change, it’s likely to continue being weird for the foreseeable future. So, you may ask—why should you … Continue reading

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Snow day!

We are having the best winter this year – not only is it snowing, but it’s snowing on a day that was a holiday anyway, so I don’t have to stress over whether I can get to work.  The woodstove … Continue reading

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Style, simplicity, and repetition

Returning to my studio after a three-day stretch of garden touring with the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers, and there are ideas leaping at my fingertips.  There’s so much energy when creative people get together.   I’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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